After over 4 years as a Stay at Home Mom, I've decided to embark on a new (and equally profitable) career. ┬áStarving Artist! A Work at Home During Naptime Starving Artist ­čÖé

Starting in September, I'll be dedicating at least 2 hours a day to drawing and related activities, with the hope of one day making it big on Teh Interwebs with my comic blog.  Ok, so even if I don't become an internet millionaire overnight, I will at least be doing something that will make me, and hopefully some other people, smile.

Scott said "I think you should give it a go" proving his #1 husband status once again.

This blog will be under construction until William starts school in September, when I will hopefully have access to two beautiful uninterrupted hours of work time while Clara naps (ha!)

Stay tuned!