Gesture Sketches


gesture sketches
Models courtesy of The Croquis Cafe on YouTube, as well as SenshiStock and Faestock from Deviant Art.

Currently, Motherhood is getting in the way of the Mommy blog.  I've gotten in a small amount of gesture sketching, but it's not much folks.  Luckily I didn't plan to start working on this in earnest until William started JK.  So, I'm not at all discouraged.  And, Labour day starts tomorrow, with plans of camping in the backyard and baking zucchini bread, and then school is just around the corner!    I will either be a blubbering mess, or I'll be dancing the freedom dance.  Or both.  Likely both.  Either way, I will soon get to start drawing more, and that is something I'm looking forward to.


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