Rough sketch of woman walking

Just some sketching and colouring practice that will eventually be part of a comic.


Clara wearing Mommy's bras
Clara wearing Mommy's bras

Today is National Dress Like Mommy Day!   (A holiday I made up so I could post this quick sketch.)  I'm drawing again after a brief hiatus since this girl had surgery then caught pneumonia.  She's better now and back to stealing my undergarments for her own use (Lord help me when she becomes a teenager!)  Have a great day!


Family cheering their favourite ball team on TV

We're not big sports fans at the Walker household, but we're definitely Jays fans.  I became a Jays fan back in the heyday of the '92 World Series (I may, or may not, have waited in line for hours at a mall one day to get a ball signed by Pat Borders.) Too bad they lost the series, but I have no doubt they'll go all the way next year.  They earned a lot of fans who will be there to cheer them on for the whole season.

I drew this for #ComeTogether.


Young rock star birthday card
Rock Star Birthday Card by me

I finished the drawing for Avalon's birthday. Avalon is a talented singer, and she's currently one of the lead singers with her local School of Rock House Band. She's only 12 but has presence beyond her years. She's a pretty good kid, I like her a lot 😉 Happy belated birthday sweet girl, Rock On 💕

I'm working on a little birthday drawing for my not-so-little niece on her 12th birthday.


We were at the cottage for  Thanksgiving Weekend and I forgot my computer charger at home, so I did this little Happy Thanksgiving message with what I had one hand...pen and pencil crayons.  I hope all of my Canadian Friends and Family have a great Thanksgiving Monday!

Baby girl ballerina sketch
Prima Ballerina - Tori Walker


Today is World Ballet Day!  The things you find out on Instagram.  I get a lot of my reference for gesture sketching from ballet blogs, instagrams, and pins.  So, I thought I'd do a quick sketch of my little ballerina to honour the day.

Hands up if you're a babyfood stealer too :)

I am an unabashed babyfood stealer and Clara loves her purees.  Hands up if you're a babyfood stealer too 🙂


What I Wore Wednesday September the 30th, 2015

I thought I'd join in on the "What I Wore Wednesday" challenge for some fashion and drawing practice. My Mom Wardrobe could use work, but my co-model is looking gorgeous as usual as she tries to steal my glasses (as usual.)

Rough sketch of Mama feeding Baby


I've had a difficult time adjusting to drawing directly on to my tablet.  The feel is different from paper, and there is a slight offset and lag between the stylus and the cursor.  Last week I got the It3 Anti Glare screen protector and that has helped immensely to provide a more papery feel.   Now I'm working on doing an illustration from start to finish on my tablet.  The final inked version will be posted this week!

Note: The "Good Job" in the top left is a note of encouragement from my Dear Husband.  Sweet guy that he is 🙂