Catching up – Part 2: Staging and Selling

staging day

As I was saying in my first post, we sold our house in Stouffville.

When the work on the house was done, our realtor and an entire real estate team came to our house and got to work.  They arrived with assistants and husbands and a cube van full of pretty furniture...and decorated it for us.

Thank goodness for them, because I don't have an eye for design.  We lived in the house for 6 years and I didn't have any art on the wall.  Not a throw cushion to be found.  They came in and made our house look like a magazine feature.

Staged house


Doesn't it look amazing?  After we saw the staged version of our house, we weren't sure we wanted to sell!

And then it was time to list, and wait.  And somehow manage to keep the house clean during the selling process.

Luckily, we didn't have to wait long, because it sort of went like this...

the house sold quickly


That's how the house sale went.  It was grueling, but mercifully quick, and the kids were minimally impacted.  We were happy and excited, so for a good couple of minutes, we looked like this...

House sold celebration

And then reality set in...


house sale worries

Will is 6 by the way, and really did have a serious best friend/girlfriend that he was quite concerned about leaving.  They're working on a long distance relationship at the moment.

Next week is busy for us, but I hope I'll get around to posting about buying a house.  We got lucky in that department too, and the process wasn't as painful as I worried about.

Have a great weekend!



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