Conflicted Yoga

I decided to stop waiting until I could afford the expensive classes at a fancy yoga studio.  Instead, the whole family got a membership at our local YMCA and they have really decent Yoga classes (plus 2 hours of free childcare!)  The serene music sort of drowns out the sound of the weight lifting next door.

I realize that I'm really out of shape and a lot less flexible and balanced than I used to be.



Back to school is on Tuesday and my little man is entering Senior Kindergarten.  I could use a lot more lazy summer days, and to tell the truth, I'm sending him off with a trepid heart.  I'd like to wrap him in bubble wrap and keep him safe from all the challenges, both emotional and physical, that school can offer.  But, I'll keep a brave face, trust that he'll find his way, and focus on pinning cool back to school lunch ideas.




For the first time in as long as I can remember, I am listening to a song on repeat, again and again.  I love this song!  Precious Love by James Morrison.  Here's a great video version, Live at Lightning 100 Studio.

ps. Check out the last scene in Schitt's Creek season final "Happy Anniversary" to see Eugene Levy "Raising the Roof" to this song.  It will make your day!



I am finally working on a new comic. Happy Spring Everyone!

Sketchy drawing of a residential street

I'm setting up a little facebook group for my street, so I drew this line of houses for the group cover photo.  I actually spent a silly amount of time searching for a free stock photo of houses before I came to my senses and decided to sketch my own!  This truly is a quick sketch, it only took me twenty minutes.

Do you belong to a community group for your neighborhood?


Sketches of Anne Hathaway
I did some black and white sketches of Anne Hathaway this weekend.

Rough sketch of woman walking

Just some sketching and colouring practice that will eventually be part of a comic.


Family cheering their favourite ball team on TV

We're not big sports fans at the Walker household, but we're definitely Jays fans.  I became a Jays fan back in the heyday of the '92 World Series (I may, or may not, have waited in line for hours at a mall one day to get a ball signed by Pat Borders.) Too bad they lost the series, but I have no doubt they'll go all the way next year.  They earned a lot of fans who will be there to cheer them on for the whole season.

I drew this for #ComeTogether.



I got a graphic tablet for my birthday (a group buy organized by my husband.)  It's a Lenovo Yoga 12 Ultrabook (with Wacom digitizer and 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity!)  Yes, it's a big deal!

My birthday has come and passed, and the laptop shipped 4 days early, so I got it last week.  I didn't say much about it because when it shipped when I was sick with Mastitis.  The laptop was amazing, the Mastitis was aweful, aweful stuff.  So, this sweet little gift didn't receive the enthusiasm it deserved.

I'll post more about it later, including a thank you drawing for the contributors...but for now there has been a slight learning curve for drawing directly onto the tablet instead of in my sketchbook.  I'm working on it.