Woman sitting on the beach, battery level indicator rising

We were on vacation last week.  Usually for me, a stay at home Mom, vacation means doing the same job in a different place, with fewer resources and less sleep.  We have one income, so we don't have the budget for big easy vacations with lots of entertainment.  Luckily we went on vacation at the grandparent's cottages and this year the kids weren't glued to my side.  They played a lot with their grandparents and cousins, leaving me with precious time to myself.  I got to read a book!  I got to sleep in!  I barely went in the kitchen!

It felt amazing to recharge my batteries.

I wonder, what does vacation look like for other parents of young children?

Comic of Mother being pleasantly surprised with a gift of her children for Mothers Day

This Mother's Day, I asked my hubby for a little bit of time to myself. I love my kids, but when Motherhood is a full time job, the occasional break is nice.  So, my wonderful husband took the kids to his parent's house for the night and part of today to give me a Mother's Day break. But all last night, I couldn't help but think about my babies, so I quickly did this comic. I loved sleeping in until noon (NOON!) today, and I can't wait to see my babies 🙂


Clara wearing Mommy's bras
Clara wearing Mommy's bras

Today is National Dress Like Mommy Day!   (A holiday I made up so I could post this quick sketch.)  I'm drawing again after a brief hiatus since this girl had surgery then caught pneumonia.  She's better now and back to stealing my undergarments for her own use (Lord help me when she becomes a teenager!)  Have a great day!