I'm a big fan of process art, which basically means giving my kids the supplies and letting them do their thing with no intended outcome.  Although most of the resulting artwork is far from Pinterest Perfect, process art is a godsend for the lazy mother and very beneficial for the developing artist.

But, for Valentine's day, we do have an intended outcome: 30 valentines to hand out at the class Valentine's Day party on Friday.  Well, my JK'er really wasn't feeling in the spirit this year.  Something about writing his name 30 times instead of playing with lego was not floating his boat.  In the end, I cut some hearts out of construction paper and let him have at them with the stapler.  The stapler *really* floated his boat.  He was the 'Staple Guy' and I was the 'Cutting guy', and together we made 30 construction paper heart parcels, each containing a couple of foil wrapped chocolates.

And they are perfect 🙂

Homemade valentine hearts cut out of construction paper




He started the day nervous, but when we all got to the school he walked right in, thrilled to be in the same class as his best friend.  I was not weepy in the least, but excited for him.  I'm not sure what kind of a Mom that makes me...  But, his teacher is a mixture of sunshine and butterflies, and her classroom setup is great for play based learning.  It all seems just lovely.  I think this will be a great year 🙂