On my wish list as a kid was to fly in a hot air balloon.  I've been bungee jumping, skydiving, and piloted an ultralight plane, but no hot air balloon yet!
Maybe one day these two kiddos will join me. For now, though, I'll have to be content with making up Doodles and Stories for them about high flying adventures.

Coloured line drawing of man and woman embracing
William saw this drawing and asked if it was Mom and Dad on their wedding day, which I thought was sweet.

I'm working on a little comic.  If the stars align, I'm hoping to finish it by midweek.

Comic of Mother being pleasantly surprised with a gift of her children for Mothers Day

This Mother's Day, I asked my hubby for a little bit of time to myself. I love my kids, but when Motherhood is a full time job, the occasional break is nice.  So, my wonderful husband took the kids to his parent's house for the night and part of today to give me a Mother's Day break. But all last night, I couldn't help but think about my babies, so I quickly did this comic. I loved sleeping in until noon (NOON!) today, and I can't wait to see my babies 🙂

Drawing of child trying to find his mother in a sea of winter coats
School pickup in Canada

This is why it doesn't matter if we wear pajamas to drop off or pick up our kids from school here in Canada.


Hands up if you're a babyfood stealer too :)

I am an unabashed babyfood stealer and Clara loves her purees.  Hands up if you're a babyfood stealer too 🙂


5 seated women knitting and crocheting, they are laughing at a woman who is pouring wine and saying "Let the knitting begin ladies!"

Autumn is coming, and so I've been itching to pick up my needles.  I don't have a lot of time to knit at home, but I would love to knit socially.  I wanted to join a knitting group, but more importantly, I wanted to join a knitting group that also included wine.  Let's be serious about what this group is really about 😉  So, I put out an ISO for just that on the local Mommies Facebook group and got an overwhelming response.  Apparently there are a lot of Moms that knit or crochet in my town.  And a lot of Moms who drink wine, whether they knit or not.  So, our Sip & Stitch group was formed, and it is just as cozy and fun as you'd expect it to be.  I drew this for the Facebook group cover photo

Illustration of a woman working at her computer while her children play at her feet.Hey, what can I say?  This work from home thing is a breeze.  I'm getting tonnes done.  Tonnes.


Illustration of a woman patting her daughter to sleep in a crib.
Sneak preview

A little preview of the next comic that I've been working on. Doesn't it look serene? Looks can be deceiving 😉 it's humorous that it's 2:30 am and I'm posting a drawing of my sleeping baby while my actual baby is currently wide awake and looking to play...

Our family dances in the kitchen to Happy by Pharrell.
Our family dances in the kitchen to Happy by Pharrell.

Nothing gets our family grooving in the kitchen like the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack.  I hope this first post finds you happy too, my friends.