Cast of Characters


Wife, mother of two, introverted, internet geek, with a coffee addiction and a sweet tooth.   Tori spends a silly amount of time on parenting blogs and pinterest, and absentmindedly hitting refresh on Facebook.   She works full time as a Stay at Home Mom, a job that she is very committed to, and part time as an office administrator.  She struggles with laundry, clutter, brushing her teeth, and getting anything done, but she tries her best and hopes that counts for something.

Tori would like to add that, self-depreciating humour aside, she is really quite happy with herself as a person.


The long suffering husband of Tori.  Scott works from home, cooks breakfast (and sometimes lunch and dinner) and is manly in that kind and sensitive sort of way.  A self-professed geek, he plays Dungeons & Dragons and video games, and sometimes builds computers.  He is a Macguiver around the house, and takes care of the plumbing, electrical, and other handy type jobs.

Tori has to admit that she really did get quite lucky with this one.


Tori and Scott's first born son.  He's a walking contradiction just like his mother.  He's serious and silly, quiet and loud. Incredibly smart and charming, yet socially awkward. He's gentle and sweet, yet demanding and bossy.  You will likely find him playing his ukulele, listening to music on his tablet, trying to make Clara laugh, building fans with lego, or attached firmly to Tori's hip.

Tori loves absolutely everything about William, he's her pride and joy, Silly Billy, Funny Bunny Baby Boy. (although she does wish he'd be a bit less bossy.)


Tori and Scott's daughter.   She's been through a lot in her short life, including overcoming a heart condition before she was even born!  Some words that the medical professional's have used to describe Clara are: Fiesty, Fighter, Overcomer.  She is all of those things and a sweetheart too.  You will likely find her laughing at one of her brother's antics, wrapping her Daddy around her little finger, or attached firmly to Tori's waist.

Tori is so incredibly proud of Clara and loves her to the end of the earth.  She's her C.C, Clara Bera, Baby Girl.

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