My knitting group

5 seated women knitting and crocheting, they are laughing at a woman who is pouring wine and saying "Let the knitting begin ladies!"

Autumn is coming, and so I've been itching to pick up my needles.  I don't have a lot of time to knit at home, but I would love to knit socially.  I wanted to join a knitting group, but more importantly, I wanted to join a knitting group that also included wine.  Let's be serious about what this group is really about 😉  So, I put out an ISO for just that on the local Mommies Facebook group and got an overwhelming response.  Apparently there are a lot of Moms that knit or crochet in my town.  And a lot of Moms who drink wine, whether they knit or not.  So, our Sip & Stitch group was formed, and it is just as cozy and fun as you'd expect it to be.  I drew this for the Facebook group cover photo

2 thoughts on “My knitting group

    1. If you don't have one started in your town, I'd highly suggest starting one. Fall is in the air, it's the perfect time to knit among friends 🙂


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