What I Wore Wednesday September the 30th, 2015

I thought I'd join in on the "What I Wore Wednesday" challenge for some fashion and drawing practice. My Mom Wardrobe could use work, but my co-model is looking gorgeous as usual as she tries to steal my glasses (as usual.)

Rough sketch of Mama feeding Baby


I've had a difficult time adjusting to drawing directly on to my tablet.  The feel is different from paper, and there is a slight offset and lag between the stylus and the cursor.  Last week I got the It3 Anti Glare screen protector and that has helped immensely to provide a more papery feel.   Now I'm working on doing an illustration from start to finish on my tablet.  The final inked version will be posted this week!

Note: The "Good Job" in the top left is a note of encouragement from my Dear Husband.  Sweet guy that he is ūüôā


Fall Fashion Sudoku Grid

Fall capsule wardrobe inspired by Free Notion's Sudoku Grid

This is what happens when you get an hour to yourself but then Fall Face First into the Rabbit Hole that is the internet.  You design a fall capsule wardrobe instead of work on your next...well first...comic strip.

But I digress...

In the spirit of my KonMari journey to clear the clutter from my home, I'm reevaluating my wardrobe.  I don't have much of a wardrobe to start with, but what I do have rarely goes together to form a complete outfit.  This Sudoku Grid from Becca DuVal from Free Notion was an amazing help to discover what I have and what I need to buy to create outfits from my current wardrobe.

Check out Ms. DuVal's post here for instructions on how to create a Fall capsule wardrobe for yourself using the Sudoku fashion grid.


He started the day nervous, but when we all got to the school he walked right in, thrilled to be in the same class as his best friend.¬† I was not weepy in the least, but excited for him.¬† I'm not sure what kind of a Mom that makes me...¬† But, his teacher is a mixture of sunshine and butterflies, and her classroom setup is great for play based learning.¬† It all seems just lovely.¬† I think this will be a great year ūüôā


gesture sketches
Models courtesy of The Croquis Cafe on YouTube, as well as SenshiStock and Faestock from Deviant Art.

Currently, Motherhood is getting in the way of the Mommy blog.  I've gotten in a small amount of gesture sketching, but it's not much folks.  Luckily I didn't plan to start working on this in earnest until William started JK.  So, I'm not at all discouraged.  And, Labour day starts tomorrow, with plans of camping in the backyard and baking zucchini bread, and then school is just around the corner!    I will either be a blubbering mess, or I'll be dancing the freedom dance.  Or both.  Likely both.  Either way, I will soon get to start drawing more, and that is something I'm looking forward to.